Mississippi Marketplace Food Cart Pod

Location -
N. Mississippi Ave. & Skidmore St., Portland, OR 97217
Neighborhood - Mississippi / Williams

Categories - Food Carts, Portland Essentials, Food Cart Pods

Features - Portland Essentials, Fast Food, Food Cart, Locally Owned

The best places to enjoy a quick bite of food, find authentic ethnic cuisine and experience Portland’s quirky culinary ethos are the city’s nearly 500 food carts. These carts, which vary in their degree of mobility, are usually found clustered together in “pods,” where you can find just about any type of food you could desire, all for around $7 and ready in a few minutes. The different pods around the city have different things to offer–from picnic areas to booze, no two are the same.

Most food carts are open extended lunch hours on weekday afternoons, but some are open longer. The Mississippi Marketplace pod is located on North Mississippi Avenue at North Skidmore Street, and has a close relationship with neighboring German bar Prost! and its outdoor patio. Find more information on Portland’s food carts at: http://www.foodcartsportland.com/