Lardo – Downtown

Location -
1205 S.W. Washington St., Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhood - Downtown

Categories - Sandwiches

Features - Portland Essentials, Near Portland Streetcar

Starting life as a food cart in SE Portland, rarely has a spot been so aptly named. Rocking an ancient charcuterie moniker that truly serves as a harbinger of things to come, Lardo is a sandwich shop that worships at the altar of bovine and swine. Using old-world techniques, contemporary flourishes and a gonzo approach, Lardo proudly celebrates its excesses. Pushing a menu that features pork drenched double burgers, a giant meatball Banh Mi, and hand-cut french fries (again) smothered in pork, Lardo also has lots of beer and a refreshing mix of premium cocktails. Operating on both sides of the river plus up North on Williams, Lardo serves as a mecca for those seeking a uniquely smash-mouth deli experience.