La Calaca Comelona

Location -
2304 S.E. Belmont St., Portland, OR 97214
Neighborhood - Belmont

Categories - Mexican

Features - Locally Owned

La Calaca Comelona or “The Hungry Skeleton” celebrates the traditional spirit of the dead that playfully makes its way into Mexican culture. Patricia Cabrera, chef and owner, started la Calaca Comelona to bring truly Mexican food to the Portland area, along the art of great artists like Posadas and Frida Kahlo. Patricia’s love of history, art and traditional cuisine comes from her experiences growing up in Morelia, Michoacan and her frequent trips to Mexico, where she researches the local gastronomy and its cultural influences. All this is represented in the many posters and prints that decorate the brightly colored walls of the restaurant. Some of the furniture and crafts are Patricia’s own art creations.