Kidd’s Toy Museum

Location -
1300 S.E. Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97214
Neighborhood - Central Eastside

Categories - Attractions, Museums/Galleries

Features - Near Portland Streetcar

Featuring Frank Kidd’s toy collection, the Kidd Toy museum showcases his lifetime collection, which started with vehicular toys and has expanded to include toys of all kinds: mechanical and still banks; trains, planes and automobiles; character toys; police badges; railroad locks, lanterns and related items; and early Oregon memorabilia of all kinds. His collection has been supplemented by the collection his wife, Joyce, who collects teddy bears, dolls and holiday collectibles.

Today, the collection consists mainly of toys from 1869 to 1939, but includes a generous display of later die-cast vehicles. For local interest, banks, signs, trays and other items pertaining to the Northwest are included.

The heart of Mr. Kidd’s collection are his mechanical banks, one of the finest in existence. You will see several patent office models, wooden, lead and brass patterns for banks and other toys, and selections of original sand-casting molds for the toys.