Location -
330 N.W. 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97209
Neighborhood - NW Portland, Pearl District

Categories - Mexican

Features - Minority Owned Business, Near Portland Streetcar

Isabel Cruz comes from a Latino family where the large and frequent gatherings were always centered around food. Self-taught, friends and family from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico became the early influences of her food, with later inspiration stemming from the Japanese, Korean and Thai cooking styles she was exposed to while growing up in Los Angeles. Eventually, those Latin and Asian influences became infused in Isabel’s cooking, resulting in fresh, exotic food with bold and unique flavors.

Taking these fusions to the next level, Isabel started incorporating modifications in her menus, transforming these rich, traditional cuisines into more healthy dishes for the modern day. Now, Isabel’s beliefs and examples of clean, simple eating give people a new vision for what “health food” can be: Delicious.