Location -
1205 S.W. Washington St., Portland, OR 97205
Neighborhood - Downtown

Categories - Italian

Features - Near Portland Streetcar

Despite the epic eagle motif on the wall, the stoner-rock on the turntable and industrial ambiance, you cannot get a tattoo at Grassa. You can, however, get meticulously crafted bowls of fresh pasta on the fly, paired with traditional and seasonal salads, delicious appetizers and tasty cocktails. The brainchild of Lardo kingpin Rick Gencarelli, Grassa provides artisan comfort food slung in a no-frills fashion. But don’t get us wrong; the sounds of throttled guitars and pummeled drums may echo through the place, but Grassa has nothing but love for you. Come enjoy Rick’s family meatballs coupled with a refreshing Coca-Cola & red wine cooler, then take home a package of fresh homemade pasta to create your own masterpiece with.