Creo Chocolate

Location -
122 N.E. Broadway, Portland, OR 97232
Neighborhood - Lloyd District

Categories - Chocolates/Candy

Features - Portland Essentials, Locally Owned, Made in Portland, Near Portland Streetcar

Creo Chocolate is a family-owned and operated bean-to-bar factory with internationally award-winning hand-crafted chocolate derived from Ecuador and made on site in Portland. While specializing in dark chocolate, we also have milk and white chocolate bars with plenty of samples of them all. We also recommend a one-of-a-kind experience with our Make-A-Bar Tour. Learn all about how chocolate is made, where it comes from, and design your very own bar. This makes for a fun team-building experience. This is also a great gift idea along with a wide selection of bars, truffles and other chocolatey goodness you will find in our factory store.

  • Chocolate bars from Creo Chocolate
  • Entrance to Creo Chocolate