Location -
1752 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97214
Neighborhood - Hawthorne

Categories - European

Features - Portland Essentials, Farm to Table

Castagna is unique among Portland restaurants, known for its beautiful room, warm atmosphere and exquisite service. Executive Chef Justin Woodward creates a menu that brings diners into the abundance of the Northwest. Local meats, vegetables and herbs — both foraged and sourced from Castagna’s own gardens — are showcased in a cuisine that mixes the traditions of Europe with the techniques of modern cooking.

Chef Woodward offers two tasting menus each night. Diners can enjoy a fiyr-course menu that includes series of snacks as well as options for each course. Diners can also explore the 10-course Chef’s Tasting Menu, featuring the kitchen’s latest inspirations. Vegetarian 10-Course Tasting Menus are available with 24 hours’ notice. Reservations are recommended.