betsy & iya

Location -
1777 N.W. 24th Ave., Portland, OR 97210
Neighborhood - NW Portland / Nob Hill

Categories - Gifts/Souvenirs, Jewelry

Features - Portland Essentials, Locally Owned, Made in Portland

What began as a handcrafted jewelry line has blossomed into a lifestyle boutique where you’ll find clothing, bags, accessories, gifts, bath & body products, cards, and of course, the original betsy & iya jewelry you’ve come to love. We feature hand-picked products made by small and independent designers from Portland and across the United States. While you’re shopping, take a peek into our production area just beyond the retail floor, where all the betsy & iya jewelry is designed and made by hand.

  • Jewelry display at new betsy & iya space
  • Model wearing brass betsy & iya statement earrings