Green Portland

Go green when you visit one of America’s most environmentally friendly cities.

MAX Light RailMAX light rail glides through downtown Portland.

Discover why Portland routinely ranks as one of America’s most environmentally friendly cities and how you can get into the green spirit when you visit.

Sustainable transportation

  • Portland by bike

    What gives Portland the right to claim the handle of Bike City, U.S.A.? Well, it could be the 315 miles of bikeways, or the nation's highest percentage of bike commuters (7%), or the city's preponderance of bike-themed events.

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  • Biketown bike-share in Portland

    Introduced in 2016, Portland’s bike-share program brings 1,000 smart bicycles to the central city.

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  • Portland by foot

    A small, personable downtown with half-size city blocks (200 feet vs. the standard 400-foot monsters) and plentiful public spaces make Portland an ideal city to explore on foot.

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  • MAX Light Rail

    Beyond big trees and picnic tables, Washington Park offers a zoo, two museums, gardens and more, all bordered by one of the country’s premier urban wildernesses.

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  • Portland Streetcar

    In 2001, Portland built the nation’s first modern-day streetcar: the sleek and modern Portland Streetcar.

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  • Bus service

    The TriMet bus system, which covers the city and its suburbs, offers low fares, friendly drivers and full wheelchair accessibility.

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  • Car- and ride-sharing

    Car- and ride-sharing services in Portland make it easier than ever to get around the city without bringing your own vehicle.

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  • Electric scooters (e-scooters) in Portland

    In April 2019, Portland launched a year-long citywide trial in of shareable electric scooters ("e-scooters"). Before boarding, check out our dos and don’ts for riding e-scooters in Portland.

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Sustainable culture & events

Eating green

Green attractions & activities

  • Parks & gardens

    In a city as green as Portland, it's only fitting that some of the top attractions are outdoor spots that appeal to home gardeners and hikers alike.

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  • Hiking in Portland

    Hiking in Portland

    Portland is a hiker's paradise, with plenty of trails located within the city and gorgeous, waterfall-studded destinations nearby.

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  • A couple jogs on one of Forest Park’s 70 miles of trails.


    You don't have to venture far from town to find yourself paddling on a secluded bay, hiking a forested trail or observing native wildlife.

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  • World Forestry Center Discovery Museum

    Tree- and forest-lovers of all ages can learn about sustainability and experience a Portland icon at the World Forestry Center Discovery Museum.

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