China-Ready Online training program

China-Ready Online
Travel Portland’s China-Ready Online training program will ensure that you have the knowledge, resources and capacity to take full advantage of Active America China Summit in Portland April 22-26, 2017.

China-Ready Online begins with the Cultural Foundation course, followed by one of three specialization courses: Hotel, Retail or Food & Beverage. The Cultural Foundation course will provide you with a solid understanding of China, Chinese culture and Chinese travelers, providing context for what you learn in your specialization course, and helping you better apply your learnings at your organization.

Travel Portland is proud to subsidize the cost of China-Ready Online for Travel Portland partners. The Cultural Foundation course, plus one specialization course, is $49 per person (a total value of $139).

In order to offer the training to as many Travel Portland partners as possible, the training is limited to two learners per organization. If your organization is interested in offering this training to your entire staff, please contact Billie Moser at She will connect you with BMG, the owner of Global Ready Education China, which provides the online training program.

The training is available on-demand now. You can expect each course to take at least 2 hours to complete, and you can pause the training and return to it whenever you like. A quiz is offered at the end of each training; upon passing, you will earn an online certification badge.

Thank you for your interest in this market and your desire to provide our visitors with an excellent visitor experience!

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