Travel Portland office moves to First and Main

Artists and makers from around Portland and Oregon contributed to the locally crafted space.

salazar_muralSouther Salazar and Monica Choy work on Salazar’s mural at the Travel Portland office.

As of Oct. 17, 2016, Travel Portland is at 100 S.W. Main St., in a space that is an authentic reflection of this unique, creative and energetic city.

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Travel Portland finds new digs

The Travel Portland office is on the move! We’ve spent 16 wonderful years in the heart of downtown’s Cultural District working to build Portland’s reputation as a top-tier travel destination at home and abroad. The city has become increasingly popular among domestic and international travelers alike, and our Travel Portland team has expanded to keep up with the many opportunities arising in leisure, business and group travel. Ultimately, we’ve outgrown our space and — after an extensive, two-year search — selected another as our new home.

As of Oct. 17, 2016, you’ll be able to find the Travel Portland office at LEED Platinum-certified First and Main (100 S.W. Main St., Suite 1100, to be exact). We’ll be here for the next dozen years (at least) and have worked with Swinerton Builders and Interior Architects to create an open office environment that enhances communication and fosters collaboration among our team members. Moreover, we’ve developed a space that is an authentic reflection of this unique, creative and energetic city.

To accomplish this, we tapped artists and makers from around Portland and Oregon to contribute one-of-a-kind designs and custom-made furniture, accessories and décor. From vibrant murals and Oregon-sourced wood products that bring the outside in, to iconic fabrics and handmade goods that exude our city’s DIY attitude, each element has been carefully considered. The result is a real Portland vibe that will get our staff — and, we hope, our guests — excited and inspired to explore the city and region.

A locally crafted office

We’re immensely proud of the local partners who’ve helped create our new space. Here’s a rundown of how the new Travel Portland office showcases some of the best design from Portland and around Oregon:

  • Schoolhouse Electric was selected for iconic lighting pieces throughout the space, drawing on a team of creators and crafters in its Northwest Portland factory.
  • The ceramic tile backsplash in the break room was made by local clay studio Clayhaus, which creates timeless designs with minimal environmental impact.
  • Concrete counters in the break room are the work of Cement Elegance, which has been designing decorative concrete products in Portland since 1997.
  • Denali, a family-owned company in Southeast Portland that accentuates the natural features of Northwest-sourced woods, fashioned tables for the break room and conference room.
  • Springfield, Ore.-based 9Wood, which specializes in wood ceilings, endowed the break room and board room ceiling with wood from a tree harvested in Boardman, Ore.
  • An icon for quality woolen textiles and fashions, Pendleton Woolen Mills furnished the fabric for all cushion on stadium and bench seating.
  • For printed drapery to soften the interiors, Travel Portland called upon Juju Papers, a Portland wallpaper studio that prints by hand.
  • The lobby features tables and chairs built by The Joinery, which blends modern technology with traditional hand craftsmanship.
  • Local 3D design studio Spacecraft PDX contributed tables made from recycled and upcycled telephone poles.
  • Pigeon Toe created the uniquely beautiful ceramic pendant lighting for the lobby in its North Portland studio and factory.
  • FOLK was recruited to design a lobby bench and ceramic lighting fixtures in its tradition of responsibly building beautiful, long-lasting goods.
  • Six hand-fashioned murals are the works of local artists Ursula Barton, who focuses on architectural landscapes and bridges; Michael J. Feliz, who is inspired by the vibrancy of the Northwest; Blaine Fontana, who is informed by religious myth and current social dynamics; Jeremy Nichols, a discoverer of the unknown around Oregon; Amy Ruppel, a lover of nature; and Souther Salazar, who takes a highly narrative approach.
  • One wall will feature a rotating gallery that for the first two cycles will feature works by Travel Portland employees and artists Amy Stoner and Minae Lee.
  • Viridian Wood, a local company that builds sustainable furniture out of reclaimed wood, provided the wood used for the walls and ceiling of the main lobby, along with a wood screen and the wooden seating in the conference room.
  • Local wallpaper studio Juju Papers crafted the office’s wall coverings, as well as the drapes in the conference room.

How to reach us

While the Travel Portland office is changing, our phone numbers are not. For all business inquiries, you can still reach us at 503.275.9750 or at 800.962.3700. Travel Portland’s Visitor Information Center will remain in Pioneer Courthouse Square at 701 S.W. Sixth Avenue, Portland, Oregon, 97205.

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