Tidbit Food Farm and Garden

This pod elevates food cart culture with a beer garden, boutique shopping and party vibes.

Evening revelers relax at Tidbit Food Farm and Garden.

Portland’s legendary food carts have attracted international attention, even earning the title for “World’s Best Street Food” from CNN. With more than 600 mobile eateries spread across town (most gathered in clusters called “pods”), serving everything from lobster rolls to boar ragu to vegan grilled cheese, the city’s food cart culture is as dynamic as it is delicious.

This culinary diversity is on full display at Tidbit Food Farm & Garden, a pioneering food cart pod on S.E. Division Street. Located with an easy walk of many of Portland’s top eateries, including Pok Pok and Salt & Straw, Tidbit offers an array of international fare and local favorites that rivals any brick-and-mortar restaurant. Two dozen carts circle the lot like covered wagons, creating a central gathering space filled with cheerful lights, picnic benches, a garden, even a cozy fire pit. Here’s a quick tour:


Expect a staggering variety of global cuisine here. Steaming ramen bowls at Hapa, drunken noodles at E-San Thai, bibimbap at Namu and tikka masala at Tandoor’s allow customers to eat their way through Asia without leaving the lot. Other regional specialties include Tambayan’s Filipino pork stew, Love Belizean’s roasted pepper tri-tip and Azul Tequila’s spicy tinga tacos.

Carnivores go big for candied bacon burgers at the Timber’s Doghouse, while health nuts grab a gluten-free vegan version at Earth Burgers. Meanwhile, the big meaty salads at Garden Monsters are sure to satisfy your healthy side and your inner caveman.

Frankfurter fans scarf Scandinavian sausages at Ingrid’s and cheesesteak hot dogs at Dog Town. Choose between sweet and savory fillings at Smaaken Waffle Sandwiches. Locals also rave about the perfectly baked wood-fired pies at Pyro Pizza and the Texas brisket and turkey melts at Pyro’s sister cart, Wicked Wiches. 


Tidbit also provides a chance to indulge in Portland’s third-wave coffee scene: Dogbone Farm serves locally roasted Coava coffee from a 1934 Divco Twin Coach delivery truck. Nearby, Buki offers house-made bubble tea to complement its Japanese street food menu.

Craft beer lovers can also gather around Scout Beer Garden, where the 12 Portland-born brews on tap include drafts from Gigantic Brewing, Breakside Brewery and Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider.


Tidbit enriches the dining experience with a complement of boutique shopping and non-food fun. Menagerie stocks a shiny Airstream trailer with beauty products, tinctures, grooming gear and locally designed betsy & iya jewelry. Next door, Lodekka loads a double decker bus with vintage dresses, thrifted ties and retro fashion. And Oregon’s seasonal bounty is on full display at Parsons Farm Stand, a micro farmers’ market stocking fresh produce, flowers, pumpkins and even Christmas trees.

Update: Tidbit will be closing on October 8, 2017.

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