Skateboarding in Portland

Portland loves skateboarding.

Burnside Skate ParkBurnside Skate Park

Portland loves all forms of alternative transportation — including the ones other cities aren’t too fond of. Portland embraces skateboarding, giving skaters virtually the same road rights as cyclists, offering a wide variety of indoor and outdoor parks (some fully or partially publicly funded) and even designating skateboarding routes downtown. We love it so much, we even made a zine about it, full of information about the best places to skate and buy gear in Portland! Find out for yourself why even in 2009 the Wall Street Journal was talking about Portland’s skate culture.

Stock up on gear at legendary local shops like Cal Skate Skateboards or stop by Commonwealth Skateboarding, where you can pick up some new shoes and start breaking them in right away at adjoining indoor skate park complete with bowls, ramps and a street section.

If getting outside is more of your style, stop by one of the many local parks. Don’t miss the most famous and historic of them all: Burnside Skatepark. Built without permission under the east end of the Burnside Bridge more than 25 years ago (and later sanctioned by the city), this park — one of the most brutal in the country — is an enduring testament to Portland’s cooperative skateboarding legacy. If that wasn’t enough, it gained more fame after being featured in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games.

Before hitting the streets in Portland, make sure to read up on the rules and laws for skateboarders with this helpful overview:

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