Portland’s juice bars & smoothie spots

Stay cool with fresh blends of fruits, veggies and superfoods.

travelalberta-5Sip Juice Cart offers a wide array of delicious, nutritious smoothies.
Molly Woodstock

Looking for a nutrient-packed liquid meal on the run? Ready to break out from the boring confines of traditional smoothies? Stay hydrated, energized and satisfied with these nourishing blended creations and fresh-pressed juices.


Since 2011, the Kure Juice Bar family has grown from one humble cart to four smoothie-slinging locations, including three downtown outposts. A lengthy beverage list runs the gamut from sweet to savory — jalapeno-romaine-kale-spinach juice, anyone? — but Kure’s specialty lies in rich coconut-centric concoctions like the Extra Mile (almond butter, kale, coconut manna, coconut yogurt, coconut water, Bee Local honey) and the Kid Kyoto (avocado, matcha, dates, spinach, vanilla protein, coconut water, coconut manna).


Only a few blocks from downtown, the Pearl District’s Prasad nourishes sweaty yogis and vegan visitors in a chic space shared with Yoga Pearl. In addition to a lunch lineup that includes macrobiotic bowls and raw almond butter pad Thai, the eatery offers dozens of drinks like carrot-ginger “bunny juice” and smoothies boosted by superfoods like turmeric, bee pollen and echinacea. Our current crush is the Emerald Eyes: banana, coconut yogurt, cacao nibs, coconut oil, mint, spinach, almond butter and hemp seeds blended with house-made almond-hemp milk to create the city’s healthiest mint chocolate milkshake.

Greenleaf Juice Co.

Portland’s Greenleaf Juice Co creates nutritional powerhouses by pressing two pounds of raw, organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables into every juice. Nearly 20 juices are sorted into three lists — refreshers, super green and veggie-packed — allowing patrons to select their perfect balance of savory and sweet. Looking for something more substantial? Try a “super smoothie” loaded with avocado, cashews and coconut oil, or an blend topped with berries and organic granola. Best of all, with locations in downtown, the Pearl District, South Waterfront and the Central Eastside, there’s always a Greenleaf nearby.


Stalwart juice cart Sip got its start making vegan milkshakes in a renovated camper, but gradually shifted its focus to nutritious green juices and smoothies. Perhaps the biggest crowd-pleaser is the Maca Madness, a decadent mixture of maca, almond milk, banana, almond butter, dates and vanilla. If you’re looking for a liquid multivitamin, we’d suggest the Incredible Hulk, Tropical Greens or even the fruit-free Diehard, which features kale, spinach, parsley, cilantro, cucumber, celery, lemon and sea salt. Find Sip carts next to Pine State Biscuits on Northeast Alberta Avenue and outside People’s Food Co-Op, or visit sister eatery Canteen for more smoothie goodness.


Inspired by a Guatemalan nonprofit that uses bikes to power concrete mixers and washing machines, quirky Moberi harnesses the pedal power of stationary Schwinn bicycles to blend their signature smoothies. After selecting from a short list divided into four categories (berries, greens, protein, superfoods), guests can choose to pedal-blend their own beverages or let experts do the hard work — either way, they’ll end up with a fruity, refreshing treat. Find Moberi’s juice carts on North Missisippi and Northwest 23rd avenues, or visit their café on the Portland State campus, mere minutes from downtown.

Portland Juice Co.

Portland Juice Company skips over smoothies in favor of a rainbow of hydraulically pressed juice blends with Sanskrit-inspired names. You can’t go wrong with the spicy orange Mantra, purple-hued Guru, savory Dharma or lemonade-like Sama; just make sure you also pick up a bottle of heavenly nut milk, like the coffee-almond-nutmeg Jiva or coconut-pistachio-matcha Tura.

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