Portland is Happening Now in Seattle and Vancouver, B.C.

When the giant cuckoo clock strikes, it’s time to visit Portland.

clockpicThe 24-foot-tall clock visits Seattle's Westlake Center.

We built a giant clock to let you know that Portland is happening now … all the time. It visited Seattle (Nov. 14–15) and Vancouver, B.C. (Nov. 17).

When’s a good time to visit Portland? Right now. Tomorrow. Next week. Ten days from now. Because every second of every day, something is happening in Portland that isn’t happening anywhere else.

From great food whipped up in tiny carts to handcrafted goods sold with no sales tax, from creative weirdos to more breweries than any other city on earth (more than 75 at last count) — Portland is happening now.

Portland visited Seattle and Vancouver, B.C., in November 2014 to prove just that point. We brought interesting people, fantastic food and drink (and doughnuts), tax-free artisan wares and unexpected entertainment to Seattle’s Westlake Center and the Vancouver Public Library, and it all poured out of the tallest freestanding cuckoo clock in the Pacific Northwest.

That’s right, we built a giant cuckoo clock to let everyone know that Portland is happening now. All the time.

Visitors to the clock in Seattle (Nov. 14-15) and Vancouver, B.C. (Nov. 17) experienced pieces of Portland like:

… and more. Plus, they tasted delicious offerings from places like:

… and got free stuff like mugs, posters, books and forks (because in March — Portland Dining Month — your key to the city is a fork).

How reliable was this clock? We’re pretty sure it told everyone that it’s time to plan a trip to Portland.

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