PDX Latinx Pride

Celebrate diverse identities at this inclusive annual fiesta.

STULive music and performances abound at PDX Latinx Pride.
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    Stu Mullenberg

    Every summer for more than a decade, community members have celebrated the rich culture of LGBTQ Latinx in the Pacific Northwest. Beginning as Portland Latino Gay Pride, this weekend-long festival renamed itself PDX Latinx Pride in 2016, honoring fluid and non-binary gender expressions. The festival is held in August.

    Held in collaboration with the Jupiter Hotel, the festival boasts a different theme each year. Past themes have included Lucha Libre and Carnaval, and 2016’s Tus Colores (“Your Colors) was an especially poignant metaphor for embracing the diversity of identity.  As the festival grows, the organization continues to host diverse events spanning a variety of mediums. Performances range in style from the sounds of Mexican mariachi to cumbia-laced DJ sets and folkloric traditional dance. Visitors can enjoy poetry and songs at the festival’s storytelling event, Voz Alta, and attend the annual noche de pelicula (movie night) to watch films that investigate issues affecting LGBTQ and Latinx populations.

    While entertainment plays a central role, education is at the heart of PDX Latinx Pride. In addition to continuing public dialogue with community leaders, the organizers are working to revive a scholarship program to help Latinx students pursue college dreams. Though the festival currently happens only once a year, PDX Latinx Pride is looking forward to expanding their reach with additional events throughout the year.  Keep up to date with PDX Latinx Pride on Facebook.

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