Northwest-style boutiques

Distinctive Northwest style rules at these local boutiques.

Tanner003_webBrowse signature local wares at Northwest-style boutiques like Tanner Goods.

Ready to look like a Portlander? Stock up on local styles and Portland-made goods at these popular Northwest-style boutiques. Whether you’re into tomboy-themed apparel, graphic T-shirts or sleeping bags with sleeves (oh yes — they’re real), you’ll be sure to find something you love.

Northwest-style boutiques


Hatched by a pair of Nike alumnae in 2013, Wildfang is a tomboy-themed boutique that claims fans like musician Sara Bareilles  and Olympic-athlete-turned-model Casey Legler. House favorites include an updated letterman’s jacket and pony-hair oxfords.


Set on East Burnside, Portland fashion legend Holly Stalder’s shop Haunt is loaded with chic, modern pieces and accessories from local designers.

Tanner Goods

To properly accessorize the patented rugged-yet-refined Portland look, stop into Tanner Goods. The luxe leatherwares shop credits its beginnings to mentor L.P. Streifel, a legendary bronco rider and saddle maker, for passing down the traditional techniques they use to craft an heirloom-quality line of accessories like design-your-own belts and swoon-worthy saddlebags.


Want to update your look, but not sure where to start? Adorn is a Portland-born women’s boutique that employs stylists on-site to help you with all your wardrobe woes. Featuring over 100 brands and three locations across the city, they’ll help you find the perfect flirty dress for a romantic night out, or upgrade your jeans and t-shirt game by adding a striking accessory for an understated fashion statement.


By combining quality fashion at affordable prices, locally owned Communion provides a selection of relevant, on-trend pieces for both men and women. International brands like the Copenhagen-based designs from Storm & Marie commingle with local makers like AK Studio and Pendleton, allowing customers to create chic looks with both global and local appeal.

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