Feast Portland food and drink festival

This international culinary festival turns the world’s eyes on Portland kitchens.

Feast 2013 dinner at Park Kitchen – Alan WeinerPark Kitchen hosts a dinner during the 2013 Feast Portland.
Photo by Alan Weiner

“Blame the coffee geeks, blame the microbreweries, blame the climate, and all that local produce … Fact is, Portland’s food scene is where it’s at.” With that 2011 announcement, Bon Appétit magazine put the foodie world on notice that the upstart, indie-minded Stumptown had officially cemented itself as a bona fide culinary capital — and that a coming-out party was in order.

Enter Feast Portland, the city’s first-ever world-class food festival.

Feast Portland

The inaugural three-day event in September 2012 drew upon a deep roster of Portland-bred talent (national James Beard Award-winning chefs, renegade food-cart cooks, sommeliers and beer experts, just for starters) and an international cast of kitchen royalty, including chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, food writers from The New York Times and Bon Appétit, and foodie TV personalities.

Feast returns every September, bringing marquee events, special dinner series, hands-on classes, boozy discussions and more. Beloved events include “Brunch Village” (which transforms Pioneer Courthouse Square into an open-air food hall, with Portland’s culinary greats serving up tasty bites and drinks to huge crowds).

“Smoked!” also returns to The Fields Park in the Pearl District, offering a meat- and smoke-fueled evening with beer, cocktails and wine. The “Grand Tasting” is one of the festival’s most prominent events, where up-and-coming chefs and makers predict and sample what’s ahead in the food and drink scene.

Feast, yearround

Don’t worry about trying to taste everything over one long weekend, though; Portland’s food scene dazzles in any season. The fertile Willamette Valley fills the pantries of acclaimed chefs and stocks booths and shelves at some of the country’s most impressive farmers’ markets and gourmet specialty shops.

Close proximity to the Pacific means just-caught salmon, tuna and Dungeness crab. Organic farms deliver grass-fed beef and hazelnut-finished hogs. Deep, rain-washed forests harbor fresh chanterelle and morel mushrooms.

Around town, more than 70 breweries produce thirst-quenching beers, while wine (and spirit) lists at nearly every restaurant are dominated by local products. Our bounty also spills over to a legendary food-cart scene (some 700 and counting) — and it’s not unheard of to experience all of these delights on the same city block.

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Feast Portland

Sept. 12–15, 2019

Multiple venues

Feast Portland is more than a food and drink festival. It’s a movement that showcases the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that’s driving America’s food revolution…

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