#PDXNOW Presents Base Camp’s Collabofest

Sixteen breweries are teaming up for Portland’s third annual collaborative beer festival.

Collabofest returns for its third year this January and February.

With 75 (and counting!) breweries in town, Portland’s collective beer knowledge runs deliciously deep. So what happens when a cadre of the town’s esteemed brew masters joined forces to create a special run of collaborative ales? You guessed it: one massive party.

Base Camp Brewing hosted its third annual #PDXNOW Presents Base Camp’s Collabofest Jan. 28, 2017. The event offered beer-lovers an opportunity to taste never-before-sampled recipes from partnerships between 16 innovative Portland breweries. The epic results are available for a limited run through February at the breweries’ taprooms as part of the More Portland is Happening Now campaign.

Collabofest 2017 beers

StormBreaker Brewing Co. (with Alameda Brewing Co.)

The Passion of the Homer (7.5% ABV)

From the brewer: “In addition to being paired up with Alameda, we both decided to pair up with our local donut shops and use our favorite donut as inspiration. This Passion Fruit CDA is modeled after Blue Star’s Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib donut, dry hopped with Galaxy, Citra and Simcoe hops, and aged on 10 lbs/bbl of passion fruit puree. Although a darker ale, we decided to make this taste and appear to be on the lighter side. The result is light bodied and refreshing… Oh, it also goes great with the donut!”

Alameda Brewing Co. (with StormBreaker Brewing Co.)

Coffee & Donutella (6.0% ABV)

From the Brewer: “Pale Ale with coffee, cocoa, lactose and hazelnuts added.”

Widmer Brothers Brewing (with Culmination Brewing)

Basho (6.5% ABV)

From the brewer: “An IPA brewed on sake lees. We decided to re-imagine Culmination’s flagship IPA, Paedrus, using sake yeast and other mysterious ingredients, resulting in a beer that inspires philosophical discussion.”

Culmination Brewing (with Widmer Brothers Brewing)

Zen Wave Weizen (4.9% ABV)

From the brewer: “Culmination’s spin on the American Widmer Hefe. Using the base malt bill for Hefe and yeast strain, we then use a combination of Mandarina Bavaria, El Dorado, Cascade and Citra hops to make this citrus and juicy Hefeweizen.”

Baerlic Brewing (with Base Camp Brewing Co.)

Sir Douglas Macstouterson (5.2% ABV)

From the brewer: “An oak barrel-fermented Irish style Stout brewed with and conditioned on Douglas Fir, the official Oregon State tree. The dry, roasty finish of the stout blends nicely with the sweet woodiness of tight grain Douglas Fir lumber, while the Douglas fir tips brighten the hop character a bit. This beer is designed to be enjoyed by itself or in an Oregon-inspired Black and Tan by blending it with the Honey Chestnut Pilsner brewed by our Collabofest 2017 partner, Base Camp Brewing Co.”

Base Camp Brewing Co. (with Baerlic Brewing)

Honey Chestnut Pilsner (5.4% ABV)

From the brewer: “Sixty pounds of honey sourced from the Portland area by our friends at My local Honey Northwest, along with ten pounds of in-house open-fire-roasted local chestnuts shine in this rad Southeast PDX collaboration: a smooth and crisp, solidly hopped, pilsner-style beer. Drinks great on its own, or even better alongside Baerlic’s collabobrew as the most Oregon-centric Black & Tan ever created!”

Mt. Tabor Brewing (with Ecliptic Brewing)

Space Mountain IPA (7.0% ABV)

From the brewer: “Space Mountain IPA takes the flavors from fresh raspberry and peach puree and amplifies them to the next level. Mosaic, Galaxy and Nelson hops are added to make this beer pop with fruity and citrusy flavors and aromas.”

Ecliptic Brewing (with Mt. Tabor Brewing)

Space Mountain Sour IPA (7.0% ABV)

From the brewer: “Space Mountain Sour IPA takes the original version and adds a twist! This beer is soured using lactobacillus for a subtle acidity and slight pucker.”

Uptown Brewing (with Gigantic Brewing Co.)

The Taming of the ‘Shroom (7.1% ABV)

From the brewer: “Oyster Mushrom Saison. Dry, earthy, slightly floral, crisp and effervescent.”

Gigantic Brewing Co. (with Uptown Brewing)

Nevørmind Oyster Stout (5.8% ABV)

From the brewer: “We traveled to the cold, salty waters of Netarts Bay to source the oysters for our roasty, briney Oyster Stout from Nevør Shellfish Farm. Into the boil we put 12 dozen oysters and 45 liters of oyster “liquor.” Welcome to the ocean in our “Surf n’ Turn” collaboration with Uptown Brewing.”

Laurelwood Brewing Co. (with Ex Novo Brewing Co.)

Out with the Old (5.0% ABV)

From the brewer: “Unfiltered American-style dark wheat with smoked cherries. Subtle aromas of dark fruits and hints of smoke from the cherries provide a unique profile that is enhanced by the flavors of dark malts. The addition of 40% malted wheat further provides a complex mouthfeel that is balanced out by just the right amount of hop flavor.”

Ex Novo Brewing (with Laurelwood Brewing Co.)

In With the New (6.0% ABV)

From the brewer: “This beer is a golden saison. It uses (10% smoked, 40% preserved and 50% fresh) Meyer Lemons, Brett C, and Amarillo hops. It’s a very dry, slightly tropical brett saison with a salty lemon tartness.

Hopworks Urban Brewery (with Ruse Brewing Co.)

Astral Wavelength (4.5% ABV)

From the brewer: “Brewed with an identical malt bill to Ruse’s Astral Frequency, but scaled for a different starting gravity. Both recipes include a portion of Kernza, a perennial grain contained in other Hopworks beers.”

Ruse Brewing (with Hopworks Urban Brewery)

Astral Frequency (7.5% ABV)

From the brewer: “Brewed with an identical malt bill to HUB’s Astral Wavelength, but scaled for a different starting gravity. Both recipes include a portion of Kernza, a perennial grain contained in other Hopworks beers.”

Occidental Brewing (with Fat Head’s Brewery)

Ding, Ding! I’d Like to Dry Hop a Toast (5.5% ABV)

From the brewer: “Marrying Occidental’s passion for traditional German lagers with the Pacific Northwest’s love for all beers dry-hopped, this rye lager is yours to have and to hold. Tasting notes: Notes of tangerine and citrus on the nose with a dry, spicy and clean finishing mouthfeel from the rye and pilsner malt bill.”

Fat Head’s Brewery (with Occidental Brewing Co.)

Smuggling Dunkel (5.5% ABV)

From the brewer: German style Dunkel aged with plums.Save

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Base Camp's Collabofest

Jan. 28, 2017

Base Camp Brewing, 930 SE Oak Street, Portland, OR

Collabofest showcases the collaborative spirit and creativity of Portland's innovative breweries. Base Camp's Collabofest pairs select local breweries together to create new and exciting collaboration…

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