Where to find CBD in Portland

Touted as a treatment for pain and anxiety, cannabidoil (CBD) is trending in health-conscious Portland.

C74A0583-crop-2Coalition Brewing has made headlines with their CBD-infused beer.
Ashley Anderson

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the high associated with THC, then you might want to try CBD. Cannabidoil (CBD) is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, and has been widely applauded for its bevy of health benefits. With wide-ranging benefits, no recorded side effects and ample, legal availability, it’s no wonder people have fallen in love with CBD. Whether you want to eat it, drink it or get it massaged into your skin, these local businesses offer many ways to enjoy CBD in Portland.

Studies abound providing evidence that CBD can help alleviate joint and muscle pain, reduce anxiety, combat depression, minimize muscle spasms and reduce seizures for patients with epilepsy and more. One study from the California Pacific Medical Center even posits that CBD can “turn off” the gene responsible for the spread of breast cancer.

Editor’s note: Hemp-derived CBD is not treated as a state-controlled substance in Oregon, but it is a federally controlled substance.

CBD Superstores

For a one-stop shop catering to all your CBD needs, check out the CBD Hemp Store located in Southeast Portland. This locally owned cannabis boutique carries high-end, hemp-derived CBD products, including tinctures, extracts, salves, lotions and sodas. They even sell two brands of CBD-based pet care for pups with anxiety or chronic pain.

South of downtown, you’ll find another jaw-dropping selection of CBD concentrates, edibles and body care products at CBD-lish. The shop, which is located inside the Little Amsterdam dispensary, stocks many locally made products like Grön Chocolates. Pronounced “grewn,” this Portland-based chocolatier is leading the way in CBD science as one of the few products using non-cannabis-derived CBD. Instead of using hemp or marijuana, they extract CBD from the bark of an invasive pine tree species, adding a sustainability element to their already ethically sourced ingredients. Grön’s decadent vegan dark chocolate is infused with 50 mg of CBD per bar (5 mg per serving), and dusted with Jacobsen’s sea salt.

CBD Treats in Portland

Coalition Brewing

Often known as “kissing cousins,” cannabis and hops are the most closely genetically related plants within the family Cannabaceae. They produce similar flavor and aromatic compounds called “terpenes,” which help give certain beers their floral or citrusy finish. (They’re also why a particularly pungent IPA might remind you of your last ounce of OG Kush.) To demonstrate the similarities between the two plants, Coalition Brewing has created a CBD-infused beer series called Two Flowers, which includes roughly 5 mg of CBD per pint. Thus far, their CBD lineup includes the flagship IPA, a chocolate milk stout and a lemon-basil sour — all of which can be found at their Southeast Portland brewery and at a rotating selection of local taprooms.


If you’re looking for full-body nourishment with a side of CBD, head to Harlow, a hip, healthy eatery on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard. For just $3, the folks at Harlow will add a 33 mg shot of organic Select CBD to any of their smoothies, juices or elixirs. Since CBD has confirmed anti-inflammation and antioxidant properties, you can really double down on the benefits of the menu’s many superfood-filled beverages.

Boost your favorite Harlow smoothie with a dose of CBD. (Photo by Ashley Anderson)

Sore from a workout? Try the Gilt smoothie with CBD; it’s full of other anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and ginger. Feeling down? Reach for a CBD-infused Superberry smoothie, chock-full of other mood-elevating antioxidants, like blueberries.

Blue Marigold Massage

As an herbalist and massage therapist, Dali Singh has always been interested in the healing properties of herbal medicine. After hearing how many of her friends, colleagues and clients had benefitted from the use of CBD for issues like chronic pain, she set out to find a way to add CBD to her massage practice at Blue Marigold Massage in North Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood.

“I spent months trying out different hemp-derived CBD-infused oils, salves and lotions to identify products that could help deliver the ultimate massage experience at my studio,” she says. “I wanted to explore a solution that was more potent for chronic pain, stress relief and relaxation.”

Massages at Blue Marigold often incorporate CBD products, such as the oils and salves on the shelf. (Photo by Ashley Anderson)

Research shows that topical applications of CBD can help reduce inflammation and ease chronic pain from ailments like arthritis, making it the perfect addition to any bodywork. Blue Marigold offers a variety of massage styles, any of which can be customized to include Dali’s rejuvenating CBD oil blend.


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