Shop local at PDX

Browse Portland brands like Pendleton, Columbia and Powell’s without leaving the airport.

IMG_9402Browse bestsellers at Powell's City of Book's PDX outpost.
Kate Madden

Named the world’s best domestic airport by Travel + Leisure readers for six years running, Portland International Airport (PDX) lets travelers peruse Portland’s most beloved brands without ever leaving the terminal — and with no sales tax, to boot!

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t recognize that iconic swoosh, but did you know that Nike (Oregon Market, pre-security) was founded by two Oregonians? Celebrate their local roots with your pick of the latest top-of-the-line tees, shorts, running shoes and other workout essentials from this iconic brand. Many Portlanders also swear by the rain-repelling jackets and hiking gear from Columbia Sportswear (Oregon Market, pre-security); the outfitter’s PDX location showcases its lines with state-of-the-art displays and plenty of innovative gear.

Coziness is guaranteed at Pendleton (Oregon Market, pre-security), a family-owned woolen mill dating back to 1863. Pick out a stylish plaid coat or Native American inspired blanket and don’t be surprised if it becomes a family heirloom back home. Complete your outfit at cc McKenzie (Oregon Market, pre-security; Concourse C and South Lobby, post-security), a women’s boutique stocked with fashionable shoes, scarves, tops and bags by dozens of designers.

Glamorous gallery The Real Mother Goose (Oregon Market, pre-security) showcases gorgeous works of glass art, ceramics, jewelry and woodworking. Souvenir seekers must visit Made In Oregon (Oregon Market, pre-security; Concourses C and D, post-security), a store loaded with handmade goods and edible treats like Tillamook cheese, Moonstruck chocolates and Willamette Valley wine. (Don’t miss their collection of PDX carpet merchandise!) For more local flavor, sample gin, aquavit and other artisan spirits by House Spirits Distillery (Concourse C, post-security).

A long flight deserves a great read, and while the PDX Powell’s Books (Oregon Market, pre-security) outpost may not span an entire city block like the beloved downtown location, it still packs in plenty of bestsellers, classic novels, biographies and more, along with souvenirs and a terrific kids room complete with toys and games. Pick up any remaining travel necessities at The Oregonian News (Oregon Market, pre-security; Concourse E, post-security), named for city’s flagship newspaper.

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