Brunch around the world — in Portland

Trade classic bacon and eggs for new favorites like Swedish hash and kimchee-topped waffles at these international breakfast spots.

10987659_827442393982217_5245942237979328011_nThe Sudra's inimitable Indian brunch is a true crowd-pleaser.
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    Photo by Molly Woodstock

    Portland’s love affair with breakfast food is no secret — hit TV show Portlandia even dedicated an entire episode to the city’s fantastic, if slightly fanatical, brunch culture. And while we always appreciate a hot plate of pillowy pancakes and sizzling bacon, a new roster of international eats allow patrons to mix up their morning meal traditions with fresh flavors and Old World recipes.

    At The Sudra, innovative Indian fusion fare shines on weekends, when silver platters come filled with curried tofu wrapped in kale-infused dosas. Quench your thirst with rare imported Indian coffee and a Spicy Masala Mary, then indulge a sweet tooth with rich black rice porridge and rice-coconut crepes topped with blueberries.

    A Southeast Portland favorite, Café Castagna, trades its trademark Northwest cuisine for Mediterranean-influenced fare every Sunday, serving up specialties like spicy shakshuka and cardamom doughnuts on its sunny outdoor patio.

    Savor Scandinavian specialties seven days a week at Broder and Broder Nord, beloved for their signature Swedish hash with smoked trout and Danish pancakes with lingonberry jam. Weekend wait times can be lengthy, but never fear — those lounging in line can enjoy Stumptown coffee and fresh-baked pastries.

    Mexican tradition meets Northwest bounty at Verde Cocina, where each dish arrives piled high with seasonal veggies fresh from the farmers’ market. Join the farm-to-fork fiesta with a plate of heirloom huevos, house-made tortillas and rich, musky mole. Pepper Box Café specializes in New Mexican-style dishes. Don’t miss the spicy pastrami and smoky chipotle cream-adorned breakfast tacos.

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