Brunch around the world — in Portland

Trade classic bacon and eggs for new favorites like Swedish hash and kimchee-topped waffles at these international breakfast spots.

10987659_827442393982217_5245942237979328011_nThe Sudra's inimitable Indian brunch is a true crowd-pleaser.
Photo by Molly Woodstock

Portland’s love affair with breakfast food is no secret — hit TV show Portlandia even dedicated an entire episode to the city’s fantastic, if slightly fanatical, brunch culture. And while we always appreciate a hot plate of pillowy pancakes and sizzling bacon, a new roster of international eats allow patrons to mix up their morning meal traditions with fresh flavors and Old World recipes.

Savor Scandinavian specialties seven days a week at Broder and Broder Nord, beloved for their signature Swedish hash with smoked trout and Danish pancakes with lingonberry jam. Weekend wait times can be lengthy, but never fear — those lounging in line can enjoy Stumptown coffee and fresh-baked pastries.

Mexican tradition meets Northwest bounty at Verde Cocina, where each dish arrives piled high with seasonal veggies fresh from the farmers’ market. Join the farm-to-fork fiesta with a plate of heirloom huevos, house-made tortillas and rich, musky mole. Pepper Box Café specializes in New Mexican-style dishes. Don’t miss the spicy pastrami and smoky chipotle cream-adorned breakfast tacos.

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