Go Somewhere Different

Experts agree, there is no city: more welcoming; full of delicious food; stacked with books; ensconced in foliage; or all-around Portlandy than Portland. Listen to the experts, come to Portland.

Be a square peg in a Portland hole.

Imagine a city that has everything for the quirkiest quirks you might be quirking at any given time. Now imagine you didn’t have to imagine.

Tickle your taste buds.

After all these years, we still don’t know why this city is so obsessed with all things pickled. Help us figure it out.

Meet nature face-to-face.

Don’t be shy. Say hi to nature in Portland! We guarantee that by the end of the trail you two will be best friends.

Is this your wallet’s mating call?

Your wallet will love shopping without sales tax in Portland, because shopping without taxes is always better.

Does your tongue have a beer tooth?

Come and taste what all the tongues are talking about when they're talking about beers in Portland.

Smell Vintage Smells

Discover what you and an 80-year-old have in common at some of the city's best thrift stores.

Hello, Strange Stranger

There are no strangers where everyone is strange.

Yum. Mouth Food!

If you have a mouth, then Portland is the perfect city to fill that mouth with some delicious and diverse foods. If you don’t have a mouth, then you might want to talk to a medical professional.

What to Do When It Rains

Listen to your heart when it tells you, “Please take me to Portland! I want to soak in its rainwater and taste all its yummy food and walk in the forest and beat really really fast!”

Lose Yourself in Books

Get your eyes to Portland's best bookstores. Dive into a book full of words and find yourself next to good-smelling paper, bookmarks and letters like “a,” “b” and, if you’re lucky, “t”!

Live Music Galore

The only thing better than a musical band is a live musical band. Come to Portland and fill your ears and your heart with the sweet sounds of live music from all over the city.

Hike On Up

Don’t only enjoy the outdoors, walk all over them with your feet and see the beautiful sights from the tops of some mountains that are actually volcanoes that only look like mountains because they are sleeping.

Trees Everywhere

They’re tall and covered in leaves. They provide cooling shade or a canopy against rain. They rise high into the sky and grow fruits for us to eat. Come to Portland and see why trees are the best buildings a city can have.

Ears Love Portland

Are your ears obsessed with tasting great sounds? Good! Because Portland is home to some of the most delicious record stores your ear-mouths have ever eaten.

So Much Nature

Are you into: trees, fresh air, rain drops, natural bodies of water, little animals, medium sized animals, some big animals but not many, waterfalls, or mountains? If you said yes to any of these, then get over here quick!

Eaters Welcome

Come, treat your mouth, tongue and body to the delicious foods available in Portland. We guarantee they will thank you profusely and be forever in your debt for treating them to such a diverse and yummy feast.