Travel Portland Collaborates with Bon Appétit on New Videos

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In an innovative new partnership, Travel Portland recently collaborated with culinary magazine Bon Appétit to create videos featuring two acclaimed local chefs, Gregory Gourdet (Departure) and Megan Sanchez (Güero), to tell stories about Portland’s culinary scene and culture at large.

The project came to fruition during Feast, Portland’s annual food festival, which is sponsored by Bon Appétit. Both videos were produced around the dates of the festival in September, leveraging Bon Appétit’s creative team and using Feast as a springboard for telling deeper stories about the city.

The first video follows chef Gregory Gourdet on a trail run through Forest Park as he reflects on how moving to Portland helped him on his journey to sobriety. The second video features chef Megan Sanchez hosting a communal meal for fellow local female chefs and entrepreneurs at her restaurant in Southeast Portland. Notable Portlanders in the video include chefs Naomi Pomeroy (Beast), Nong Poonsukwattana (Nong’s Khao Man Gai) and Maya Lovelace (Mae, Yonder); farmer Kara Gilbert (Vibrant Valley Farm); artist Maja Dlugolecki; florist Megan Aramble (Fieldwork Flowers); and entrepreneur Jennifer Bolanos (Vía Raíz).

“I think both of these videos tell slightly different or unexpected stories about Portland, even if you’re already familiar with the city having a great food scene,” says Karen Martwick, Travel Portland’s Director of Content Strategy. “These videos go beyond that topic to tell other stories about our connection to nature, wellness, our entrepreneurial scene and how collaborative and supportive our communities are here. I hope it brings an additional dimension of understanding of the city and inspires people to check out these beautiful places for themselves.”

Both “A Run in the Woods with Gregory Gourdet” and “A Culinary Community with Megan Sanchez” can be watched on Bon Appétit’s website and Travel Portland’s Instagram. As part of our investment, both videos are being promoted on Bon Appétit’s social media channels, with 100,000 impressions guaranteed. Through promotions on our own channels, the videos have reached over 328,000 people and been viewed nearly 65,000 times.

Bon Appétit partnered with Travel Portland, a highly innovative food city, to showcase the intersection of food and the people behind it,” says Bree McKenney, Head of Marketing, Lifestyle Division at Condé Nast. “From the natural beauty and wellness-minded culture allowing one chef a fresh start, to the community of female entrepreneurs supporting and pushing each other to break ground, these videos take audiences beyond the plate and into the heart of what makes this city great.”

To learn more about Travel Portland’s collaboration with Bon Appétit, contact Karen Martwick at