Every January, Portland celebrates sweets at ChocolateFest.

Sample truffles like these from Portland's Alma Chocolate at ChocolateFest.Sample truffles like these from Portland's Alma Chocolate at ChocolateFest.
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    From boxes of sweets on Valentine’s Day to bag of treats at Halloween, chocolate is invariably linked to big events. But as beloved as its rich flavor is, there ought to be a celebration of the great goodie itself. That’s where ChocolateFest, the Northwest’s festival of all things mouthwatering, dark and creamy, comes in.

    This cocoa celebration fills the Oregon Convention Center with three days of activities and tastings, featuring more than 60 vendors. Portland’s chocolate scene is well represented by the likes of Pearl Chocolate from the beloved Pearl Bakery, bean-to-bar offerings from Woodblock Chocolate and truffles and treats from Jaciva’s. Out-of-towners include San Francisco’s Scharffen Berger and, from Massachusetts, organic, stone-ground Taza Chocolate.

    The fest, which raises funds for the World Forestry Center, kicks off with an adults-only premiere party, and includes presentations and samples galore all weekend long.

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